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Children learn faster when they find fun in what  you are trying to teach them.  They respond more to fun and play and that’s what introduces them to your own personality as the parent and to the world. Introducing books and toys at a younger age is very important. School is not the only place your kids can get education, at home, you are the teacher. Kids’ learning can be disguised as play and fun, they may not even realize that they are getting an education.

Here are some tips to help you with your kids’ learning activities at home.

Lots of Books

You can buy your children lots of toys and books that they can learn with. Reading to them and with them improves their language, builds their imagination and introduces love for books. The thing with reading even as an adult, it allows you to have your own imagination.

Different kids may not have similar interests. It’s exciting to see how a child may get fascinated by animals and zoo stories like Dear Zoo. These young readers discover many different animals and find their most favorite one.

Kids love playing outside and may love to know how plants grow. The National Geographic Readers series provides different books for knowledge about science, nature, and culture from around the world. The trick is to give them time to explore and access what they already have interest in. Rather than move them on quickly to other different books try and build on their natural interest.


These are another fun way to learn from very young age  by touching , looking and tasting. Younger children below three years love putting things into their mouth. Toys that they can chew on safely are the best. They will love to see different colours, shapes and feel. 

Three year olds and older kids love assembling things and a little more advanced toys as they grow older and older.

My kids particularly enjoy building things with lego pieces. There are lego pieces of different size and different themes including trains, dinosaurs, robots, castles, star wars, harry potter and the Lego City. All of different set of lego are based on what the name suggests. 

Focus on the process.

Kids enjoy learning less and less as they grow up because parents and teachers begin to mount pressure on them. They have to excel and do things well. You need to be patient with your children and focus on how they are doing things now. Help them enjoy learning and your interest in what they are doing will in turn motivate them.

Let them figure thing out on their own.

You need to let kids do things even if they fail. Let them do it over and over again until they figure it out. Do not jump in to help. Learning by experience is far much better. This extends even to their school work and homework. When they figure things out by themselves, it gives them a feel confidence and they realize that they are actually good at that subject.

Children love attention and being cheered on whenever they do things. Especially when they are not confident enough. Cheering them on is good, but do not reward them. Study shows that when you reward them it actually removes the desire to learn and begin focusing on the reward. Learning is to benefit them and they don’t need to be rewarded for what they have to do anyway.

Make Kids’ Learning Fun | Home Learning Ideas

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