How To Use Pinterest For Business In 2021

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking platform for discovering new and creative ideas. It is the place to explore inspiration. This year, 2021, the monthly user base on this platform is about 478 million people. So many people love using Pinterest, especially women. According to Pinterest, recently, more men are also joining and using the platform. To encourage more people to use Pinterest for business there is a dedicated page to offer tips for marketing brands and products.

A lot of people use the platform for purchase inspiration. Inspiration for what could fit in their house, office or a gift. Also, many users are using Pinterest to shop. For your business, Pinterest offers a search engine for finding products. Marketing on this platform is very feasible. In fact, 82% of Pinterest’s active users claim to have bought products based on the brands content on the site.

To use Pinterest for business you will need to consider these six tips.

Get SEO Working

Pinterest SEO can help you make the most of your marketing strategy. You want to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your own website. First of all, you need to increase your chances of being discovered by other pinners. 

If you already have a personal account, you can either convert it into a business account or create a linked business account. This account allows access to analytics and ads. You also get personalized support, campaign guidance and creative strategies to help you grow your business. 

Claim your sites, website, Etsy page and your social accounts. Every pin with your content will always show your name and profile picture. 

Create pins to promote your content, showcase your products and share tutorials. Pin quality is very important. Pinterest will determine the quality of a pin by its uniqueness and popularity. Improve pin quality by creating attractive graphics and content that people will want to share. Also, remember to be a consistent pinner. 

Start running your ads once you know which pins are doing well. Promote these kinds of pins to reach even more people. You can use  Pinterest Ads Manager to help you get started. 

Join and Create Group Boards

Pinterest created group boards to allow people to share ideas. They look like regular boards but involve multiple contributors and an option to join them. These group boards allow you to engage with an untapped audience. You get to drive targeted traffic back to your website. 

Setting up a group board from scratch is not easy. If you are new you can spend more time in other creative marketing activities. Creating a group board will consume a lot of your time. Besides, you will need contributors who should pin consistently to the board to make it successful. 

 However, if your content is unique and there is no group board in your niche, you can go ahead and create one. 

You need a group board that will increase traffic. Each group board has their rule. Ensure you follow to avoid being kicked out or your pins being deleted. You want to join a group board whose audience is your target audience. Also, the group board should be a reasonably engaged group. If the group is too big with people pinning every minute your pins might not be seen by anyone. 

Pinterest group boards for entrepreneurs and working moms niche.

  1. Female Entrepreneur Tips
  2. Small Business Tips
  3. Business Branding Tips 
  4. Selling Online Course

Use A scheduling Software

A Pinterest scheduler will help you plan long term content to keep you organized and save time. If you are using Pinterest for business a Pinterest scheduler is very essential. A good marketing strategy means you are not posting content whenever you wish. You need consistent posting. 

A social media content calendar helps you to plan long-term content. Incorporate daily pins and plan to post at optimal times to ensure you reach your audience when they are online and using Pinterest. You need to track your stats to know the peak times. Then, use a Pinterest scheduler to help you post at those peak times so that you can reach maximum engagement. 


Tailwind is a popular scheduling software that is approved by Pinterest. It provides you with reports, analytics and advice on peak times. You can sync your pins with Instagram. Tailwind offers access to communities where you can collaborate with other Pinterest Users. There is a free trial with unlimited time. However, you can only schedule up to 100 pins. With the paid option you get an unlimited number to pin scheduling. 

You need to ensure that your blog posts have pin-worthy images. Create pin-worthy images, then get Tailwind working for you. Use Canva.com to help you create good images for each of your blog posts. Ensure you create a Pinterest image for all your blog posts including the old ones. Once you have pin-worthy images for your blog posts ensure you pin them to your blog board. Don’t forget the old blogs. A blog board is only dedicated to your blog posts only.  

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics will help you learn and improve your strategy. You need to learn and contextualize the metrics so they can be of use to you. The analytics will help you to sort your data from whatever time period you want. Pinterest analytics is split into; impressions, saves, outbound clicks, engagements and pin clicks. 

You can also use Tailwind to analyze your analytics. It goes beyond the vanity metrics to unravel high level trends into key drivers and down to individual pins. Meaning, it provides more valuable information as compared to Pinterest analytics.

Take your time and get familiar with your Tailwind analytics. With time you will be able to see your progress. You will be able to see trends that can help you make informed marketing decisions.


Pinterest is the best place to get traffic from. So many people use Pinterest daily. You should be able to create a Pinterest post for each of your blog post. Make sure it is a good post that will market your blog very well. People are always looking for purchasing inspiration in this platform. So, if properly used it can get you a lot of prospects that you can turn into customers.

How To Use Pinterest For Business In 2021

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