How To Create a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to meet prominent people and grow your career. You can message people and strengthen relationship that are essential in the growth of your business. The platform allows you to share articles, stories, newsletters etc. They all allow you to stay up to date with the current affairs in your industry. A complete marketing strategy on LinkedIn is the best way plan how to engage with the professional audience on the platform.

As one of the best business to business (B2B) social media platform, you can use it to attract a processional audience to your business. You will need to create a marketing strategy. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy requires proper planning. Prepare just like you would any business presentation. Know your audience, prepare your presentation and create an engagement space for your audience.

Importance of a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quite an audience. It has 756 million members and over 57 million business. Most people are likely to see your marketing post if you use this platform. You need to ensure your LinkedIn business page is completed and ensure it is optimized and ranks highly on search pages.

Also, 84% of B2B purchases is made via social media. Moreover, 4 in 5 B2B leads from social media come via LinkedIn. Even though LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the top most platform for generating leads, not all business are using this opportunity to grow their business. LinkedIn is potentially the best platform for all B2B lead generations.

Tips to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

Set Your Goals

Before creating a marketing strategy on any social media platform, first you need to determine what your goals are. Do you want to create brand awareness, to engage with customers or find new customers.

With your goals in place, you can use them to determine what exactly LinkedIn can help you with. As mentioned above, LinkedIn can help you with lead generation, as it has a ton of visitors and professional members. The platform connects your business with potential customers, therefore, helps you to spearhead your brand awareness. With your audience in place you can let your voice be heard. LinkedIn allows you to share your thought. If done well, your audience will receive you as the expert in your field.

Understand Your Target Audience

Your audience on LinkedIn is a more professional one. You will be marketing to business people, influencers and other decision makers. You are able to know a lot about their traits based on their professional background and personal interests. LinkedIn allows you to customize your targeting. You will be able to get websites, contacts and even accounting information of your potential clients.

Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

There is more than 57 Million businesses on LinkedIn going after 756 million active members in more than 200 countries. This is a very active platform for professionals for networking.

The following are tips you can follow to optimize your business page and improve your presence and authority.

  1. Complete The Profile Basics

You can use your profile to show your personality and use that to attract clients. Make sure you have a profile photo. LinkedIn is a more professional platforms. Therefore, the photo of yourself should look more professional. A terrible photo can send a bad message to your audience. You need a headshot, be in focus and do not use filters or mess around with photoshops, and choose your attire carefully. A plain background is essential with proper lighting. A warm, friendly smile will make you look more approachable.

Customize your URL on your profile. This is a link you will use to tell people how to find you online. The headline under your name is also very important. It is searchable and can be used to display a new area of expertise. Editing the contact info on your profile will increase your visibility. You can even choose who can view your contacts.

A video is a good way to share your story, sharing your testimonial and telling your audience what to do. You will need to create a video, upload it on any other platform that will host it, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. You can then share it on your LinkedIn profile.

Endorsement and recommendations is another great feature by LinkedIn that allows your connections to affirm your skills and expertise. People that have recently worked with you will give a higher value endorsement. Be the first person to send the endorsement to your connections and they will return the favor. Also, remember to keep your skills and expertise up to date by editing regularly. If your connection wants to offer a recommendation or endorsement on your profile they are able to see only relevant skills and expertise.

Show off your achievements on your profile by completing your education, certification and awards details. Make sure you provide information on your professional qualifications and experience.

2. Publish Content

Get people’s attention by creating and publishing content on LinkedIn regularly. Be it video, blogs or images, your content will appear on the newsfeed of the people you are connected with. Create informative and appealing content for your readers. Your content is your marketing tool. Keep your readers engaged by being regular and consistent with quality content and they will keep coming back. Remember though, that on LinkedIn you promote your brand and not your product. You can also share other people’s content. Using a mixture of content will increase your visibility on the platform.

3. Make meaningful Connections

Connections are a way of building your network. Connect with people you know. LinkedIn will always provide suggestions for you. You may also include a link on your website, blog or email signature. If you have an email list, you can synchronize it with your email contacts on LinkedIn.

Find groups that your connections are involved in and there you will be able to find more relevant connections.

4. Inbound Links for Your Profile

Inbound links are good for search engine optimization, SEO. Increase inbound links from your social media sites. Also include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your About page on your website or blog. These links will generate traffic to sites.

Engaging Your Audience

Your headline is quite important when it comes to engaging with people on LinkedIn. It is the first thing they see before they decide whether or not to make you a connection. Your headline should show your expertise and knowledge in a specific field.

Decide what to post. Your articles can be shared by your connections increasing your engagement on the LinkedIn. You can share an encouragement, tell a story, dispel a myth or facilitate a discussion.

If people are not viewing your profile, you are missing out on potential leads. There is this story about a LinkedIn user who got 24 time more views on his post with just a few simple tricks. LinkedIn allows you to format and optimize your posts to increase clicks and engagement.

Establish Relationships

The bigger your following the better for your business. This is generally true. However, with a platform such as LinkedIn, you need to make meaningful connections. A bigger following is nothing if they do not value your content. First you need to understand why you need a connection. When someone does something for you, you should always reciprocate, and respond promptly to them. Also, always remeber to respond to people’s comments on your posts and keep it professional.

Your post, comments and shares should be a means for you to offer help to people. Help your network solve their problems and achieve their goals. Hard work and consistency is key to winning on a platform like this one. Always focus on bringing value and creating a meaningful connection.

Measure Your Success

The more the engagement, the more the views on your profile. You can know who viewed your profile, these are people checking you out. Also, are people able to find you? Do you appear in searches? The more your connections the higher you will rank in searches.

Likes, shares and comments are very important. They show the actual engagement with your posts. People are enjoying your posts and are bringing in more traffic for you. These metrics can help you understand the kind of posts people want from you. The ones that get the highest engagement.

The number of endorsements and recommendations is very important. Update your profile with the skills and expertise that you want people to know you for.


Building a brand is not easy at all. It takes time. As a business you need to build meaning relations that will help you with growth. LinkedIn is the best place to grow your business. There are different ways to regularly interact with your connections, via polls, quick reactions and LinkedIn stories. Your brand has a chance to have professional interactions with potential customers, influencers, and potential inventors. Building a stellar profile and being more active is very valuable if you are out to grow your business.

How To Create a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

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