How To Use Instagram For Small Business

Social Media will play a very big role in the growth of your business. It’s a means of engaging with your audience, promote your business and answer your customers’ questions. Instagram is a great way to promote and expand your business in 2021. In fact, there is nearly 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, making it the platform with the highest engagement.

If you are new to Instagram, or want to convert your personal account to a business one. Below is a few tips on how to use Instagram for small business.

A Good Profile Photo

If you are running your business on Instagram, you need to use your logo as your profile photo. This will help you represent your brand consistently across all social media platforms, emails and your website. Moreover, your page will appear more professional when you use a logo.

For business owners who represent themselves as a personal brand, their own picture can be used as the profile picture. This way your followers will know who you are and connect with you. In this case you should take a professional headshot of yourself. Get up close and personal with the photo since in your profile the photo appears small. The photo must be a good size and high quality, the ideal photo size is 180 * 180 pixels. Use a a good camera to capture some nice pictures.

You profile photo should be consistent. You need people to immediately know its you when they see your stories. Your fans might not click on your stories if they do not recognize it you. You need a timeless photo that does not change with seasons.

Write Your Instagram Bio

First impression is very important as an entrepreneur. Research show that, ”you and your business have only 7 seconds to make a first impression”. If you are introducing your business on Instagram, you will need people to have a good impression of who you are. Your Instagram bio will help people have an impression of who you are and what you are selling. It can help you attract followers and potential customers. The bio part is very small but very impactful for your business. It establishes your brand’s presence.

The following tips will help you write the best Instagram bio for your business.

  1. Know what you want out of your bio

You should have a clear goal in mind. The bio area provide with a small space for only 150 characters. Use it strategically to tell people what you want them to know. Furthermore, you could use it promote a new product or just offer information about your brand.

2. Express your brand personality

Your brand personality can be seen through your bio. The choice of language, tone and even special characters and emojis can directly give an idea of the brand’s personality. Also, remember to throw in a splash of humor. This will make your brand more relatable.

3. Make sure it’s easy to read

It can be difficult for people to go through a your bio if it has a lot of information. Format your message using spaces or line breaks to make it easier for people to read.

4. Include relevant hashtags and profile links

Add clickable links and hashtags. Hashtags is a very good marketing strategy on Instagram. It can help people new discover you. Use a hashtag finder like Tailwind.

5. Include a compelling call to action.

Let people know exactly what they need to do when they visit your profile. A call-to-action button will allow you to direct your people to other pages and sites that you want them to visit. With a CTA you won’t have to write a lot of information on your bio. Be direct with what you want your audience to do. It could be to follow you for more travel videos and photos, watch your latest YouTube channel or even check out your new blog post.

Posts Consistently

Your first post that will introduce your business on Instagram is very important. Now that you have your profile ready, you need to craft a post. Use this to give a background of what your business is all about. Instagram is a highly visual channel for marketing your business.

Think about the aesthetic that you want. Design your branding guidelines that will help you with consistently in all your posts. Create a distinct style for you page. Choose your colors and fonts and keep them consistent throughout.

Remember, sticking to a regular posting habit will help you show up in people’s feeds. It will also increase the chances of them engaging with your content. If people react to your posts they will see more from you. Schedule posts in batches. You can use a tool like Tailwind to ensure you always have something to post. Also, experiment with posting time and find the ideal time to reach more of your audience.

Instagram offers you a variety of options for content. You can do videos, reels, IGTV, photos and stories. Different people prefer different content types. If you share a mix of these content type, you are more likely to increase your reach and engagement.

Write a Good Caption

Quality photos will help you gain followers on Instagram. Marketing on this platform is all about visuals. Once you have taken a good photo and edited it you will need a caption for it. Your caption tells everyone what the photo is all about. Use this space to engage with your followers. Write a delightful caption that will make your followers want to share. The ”micro-blogging” caption trend that promote story telling and authenticity of your business drives great results.

Moreover, a good caption can be used with an effective CTA. Ask for your audience to follow you. Hint at an upcoming content that they wouldn’t want to miss. Spark real time conversations by asking your audience to comment their thoughts. Use the space to learn from your audience and know their interests.

Engage With Your Audience

Instagram is a social media platform, use it to socialize with people. Respond to comments on your post and show your audience that you are actually listening. There are engagement platforms such as Buffer that can help you respond directly to people’s comments. No need of going through the lengthy comments on your phone.

User-generated-content or consumer-generated-content is a great way to inspire more people to engage with you. Users will create and share content featuring your brand. Therefore, exposing their audience to your product or services. According to a study by TurnTo Networks, 90% of consumers say UGC holds more influence over their purchasing decisions as compared to other forms of marketing.

Monitor What’s Working

Pay attention to which which posts get the most engagement. Engagement metrics include likes, comments, saves, shares, link click/swipe ups, DMs, mentions, stories sticker interactions and hashtag usage. Instagram engagement is great if it translates to more sales and more potential customers for your business.

Focus on engagement not just followers. Notice the kind of posts that have higher engagement and put more work on them. Work towards increasing your engagement.

With an Instagram business account you get access to your Instagram metrics. You will be able to see the metrics for your profile, stories, IGTV, reels, content and audience analytics.

How To Use Instagram For Small Business

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