Google’s Digital Marketing Platform for Better ROI

Google has a digital marketing platform that helps you with smarter marketing campaigns for better results. As a small business owner you will be able to access free tools for your marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can be a bit tasking, and it can even seem impossible to do. There is a ton of information and an endless number of platforms for digital marketing solutions. It can seem like going down a rabbit hole when trying to find what works for your business. Moreover, for small businesses, it may look expensive and time consuming. 

The market place is very competitive though. You will need to figure things out either way. Most people are using the internet today. This is where your customers are. You need to established your business’ presence well enough on the internet and make it easy for people to find you. Moreover, it’s your job to show up where they are.  

What are your competitors doing? Pay attention to that as well. They are a source of valuable information. What new strategies are they using for their marketing campaigns?

The Google marketing platform has provided wonderful solutions with features that are contained in one place that work together to make our marketing campaigns more doable. 


Provides essential customer insights. Understand your customers across all devices. With Google Analytics you get to collect data that will help you understand your customers and improve ROI. Analytics allows you to identify better ways of running things and reduce costs for your business. It provides you with an effective way of analyzing customer trends and satisfaction. This information can lead you to make better or new products and services.

A case study by Google shows how Líder, a Chilean hypermarket chain owned by Walmart Chile, used Google Analytics to connect to valuable customers. They increased their conversion rate by 18% with an 85% decrease in cost per action (CPA). 


  • Analytics helps you to understand your customers. Knowing what your customers want helps you to improve your customer orientation campaigns. 
  • You get smarter insights to improve ROI by using data from analytics. It helps you recognize possible issues and take action on them. 
  • It allows you to analyze data quickly. Each member of your team will also be able to access the data. 

The Google Digital Marketing Platform provides tools that are designed to work together for the betterment of your business. Analytics is designed to work with other Google solutions to help you improve your marketing. You and your team can understand what your customers are doing on your website. You can learn a lot that will help you make better decisions to improve your business. This tool offers different features that makes your work easier.


  • Built-in-automation. The integration with other Google solutions enables your business get answers and possible solutions
  • Real time reporting. You can see in real time how customers are visiting your sites. 
  • Advertising workspace. The reports in the workspace allows you to make informed decisions about your marketing performance.
  • Data explorations. This enables you to explore the data. You will be able see patterns, characteristics and points of interest that will eventually enable you to make informed decisions.
  • Data collection and management. In today’s economy, data is very accessible. A data collection and management solution enables visibility, scalability, reliability and security.  . 
  • Integrations allow a seamless infusion of your data. This feature allows you to get all the data and in one place.

Data Studio

Collecting data is one thing. Knowing what to use and how to use it is very important. Data is an extremely powerful asset for your business. Your data should be collected in one place. Dashboarding can help you bring together all your data in one place. It can allow you and your team to be able to read and make smarter business decisions. 

This Google Marketing Platform solution allows you to do the following:


  1. Transforms your raw data into easy to read reports and dashboards.
  2. Has data connectors that bring all your data from other sources, such as Analytics and Google Ads, in one place.
  3. You and your team can visualize your results with shareable chart and graphs.
  4. With Data Studio you can decide who can access and edit the reports. 


Data connectors that bring all your data in one place.

Data transformation. A feature that enables your business to alter the structure of raw data into meaningful information. 

Data visualization, which allows for an effective way of communicating the data. You and your team are able to see the data visually, whether in pictures of graphical format.

Sharing and collaboration. This feature provides a very easy way to share and collaborate with your team and other parties that need the data.

It is very easy to use. Moreover, there are templates that you can customize and style to meet your company’s needs. 


This feature helps you make continuous improvement to your website. It allows you to test variations of your websites and apps. It allows you to offer your customer the best experience on your sites.

You can create a more personalized experience for your customers. Using data provided by Google Analytics, you can be able to make informed decisions in regards to improving your website.

Benefits of using Optimize

  1. Using Optimize enables you to quickly identify problem areas and work on them.
  2. You can test what works best
  3. It allows you to publish new experiences for your website by adding codes.
  4. You are able to deliver a customized and personal experience for your customers.
  5. Optimize allows you to test variations of your website and webpages and find out what works for your customers.


Optimize offers different experience types for your website and for personalization needs for your customers.

A responsive visual editor for easy editing and success of your tests.

Allows for customization of your website to suit your customers needs.

Optimize uses Bayesian statistics method of reporting.

Experiment management with built-in features that enables testing around your site and pages.

Experiment objective types (Like metrics) for your experiments to identify which one is leading.

Optimize is connected with other Google solutions to enable you to access all data and use customer insights to make informed decisions for your business.


Get into the minds of your target audience for insights. Surveys help you know exactly what your customers want from you. This feature allows you to get real insights from real people in a less complicated way. 


  • You get to design custom surveys.
  • Real people answer your questions.
  • This feature gets real insights for your business and fast.
  • There are automated dashboards which allow you to turn insights into actions.


-This Google solution allows you to design your own survey to reach the audience you want.

-There are incentives for the people who respond to the survey. Therefore, you get real insights from actual people who want to use your products and services.

-You get analyzed data in graphs and tables, and you get it very fast.

-There are two versions of surveys; Surveys and Surveys 360. You can decide which one is right for your business.

Tag Manager

This Google feature allows you to manage your website tags for free. You can add and update website tags. It can be used by businesses of all sizes. The following are the benefits of using the Tag Manager tool;


  • Tag manager allows you to add and update tags whenever you want.
  • This Google solution reduces tag errors as it checks for errors to ensure accuracy.
  • It enables you to modify and deploy a range of Google and third party tags.
  • Also, your team can access and collaborate within the workspaces across your organization to ensure things are working smoothly.


  • It has a tag technology that gives you full control over your tags.
  • It has a user-friendly design, for the marketers.
  • Marketers and developers can work together in a controlled manner.
  • There are trigger tags that fire with certain events on your site. (For example when something is clicked it triggers a tag).
  • You get access to shared tag templates. You can also customize your own tags.
  • It gives you a way to allow your user provide consent over cookie usage with a tag management system.
  • There is an integrations with other Google solutions for smooth operation during your marketing campaigns.
  • Tag manager API can easily be integrated into your system to fit your existing workflow.

The Google Digital Marketing Platform has tools that are there to work for you. All the tools work in an integrated manner. They work together to help you understand your customer and the market, and to improve your ROI. They are designed to work together for the betterment of your business. The tools discussed above are mainly for small businesses. For enterprises, there are more advanced tools and solutions in the Google Marketing Platform. 

Google’s Digital Marketing Platform for Better ROI

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