Free Online Courses With Certificates in 2021

Getting education is very essential for growth in one’s career. People are realizing that the traditionally classroom method is not the only means for getting an education. With the rise of internet and improved technology, more people are embracing remote learning. Nowadays, you can get quality education whenever and wherever you are. There is a ton of paid and free online courses.

Below, I have provided nine platforms that offer free online courses. Some of them offer certificates, badges or both. Those that don’t have provided ways to show your expertise to other people who view your profile.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a free online training program. It offers self guided courses to help you build your skills on marketing across Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. With your Facebook login you are able to access about 90 courses available courses. The program will help you gain different skills from setting up a Facebook page to targeting customers. Moreover, there is a regular update on the courses especially when new features are introduced.

The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediates and even experts. Small businesses and not-for-profit organizations who specialize in social media and digital marketing will find the program very helpful. Facebook Blueprint offers certificates after exams. However, the exams are not free. Therefore, to get a certificate you will have to pay. The program’s courses include:

  1. Start Your Marketing Journey
  2. Start Your Advertising Journey
  3. Learn How To Build Your Online Presence With The Apps

Shopify Compass

Shopify Compass offers a series of free e-commerce courses. The trainers include industry leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. In the 60 available courses, E-commerce business owners tackle challenges that they face regularly. Anyone can access the courses by singing up for a free Shopify account. If you have a Shopify store account you can not use it to access the courses. You will need to open another account with a separate login.

The courses are completely free and you get a certificate after you take and pass exam. The exams are also free. Topics offered by the program include:

  1. Store design
  2. Products
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Sales and Customer Communications
  6. Brand and Marketing
  7. Operations and Finances
  8. E-commerce Strategy

Twitter Flight

Twitter Flight is a another free online learning platform. You get to learn everything about advertising on Twitter. The courses are for anyone looking for more marketing knowledge. The platform allows you to pick and tackle a course in whatever order you want to learn. However, if you are new to a topic, it is advisable to take the content in the prescribed order.

After completion of certain course works and assessment you are provided with badges. You can display the badges on your LinkedIn or other social media accounts. Your awarded badges are only valid for a year.

Some of the different categories of free online courses offered by Twitter Flight include:

  1. Course work recommended by job function
  2. Launch and Connect
  3. Performance Fundamentals
  4. Twitter Ad Fundamentals
  5. Getting Started with Ad Managers
  6. Creating and Executing video Campaigns

Pinterest Academy

An e-learning business academy tool. The courses that are offered are free and are meant for marketers. The courses are meant for advertisers, agency and brand practitioners and creators on Pinterest can find activities. At the moment, Pinterest Academy is only available in Australia, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and United States. Each course takes about 5 minutes to finish. You can skip around the courses and take only those that are relevant to you if you so wish.

While additional courses are still on the way, below is a list of programs that were offered at launch.

  1. Pinterest Narrative
  2. Creative Inspirations
  3. Creative Strategy
  4. Campaign Objectives
  5. Targeting and Buying

Google’s Free Certificate Courses

Google’s free courses are meant to help you learn Google. They are meant for anyone looking forward to using platforms, services and tools provided by Google. The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learns and even experts.

Google offers a number of free courses through their own platform or third party platform. A report by Rui Ma on The Report by Class Central provides a list of free courses on Googles different learning platforms. The topics include digital marketing, online business, google analytics and Google Cloud. They offer free certificates and badges. You can access the courses on the following platforms.

  1. Analytics Academy
  2. Digital Garage
  3. Skillshop
  4. Developers Platform
  5. Qwiklabs
  6. Quest

Digital Skills For Africa also offer a free range of courses to help you grow your business or jumpstart your career. There are about 152 courses on Digital Marketing, Career Development and Data and Tech. The program includes free and paid certificates.

Canva’s Design School

Visuals are very important in todays business world. For your brands to communicate best via social media you need to learn to design. Canva Design School has been introduced in schools and universities worldwide. The program is perfect for educators and teachers who are switching to remote classes. Both teachers and students can access the platform for free with no limit on time or offerings. Some of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) include, Google, Stanford University, Indian Institute of Technology, Havard University, Yale University and many others.

The program offers courses, tutorials and a blog. They are accessible for everyone. You can become a certified Canva educator after taking the courses offered by the Canvas Learning Services Team. The courses offered include:

  1. Become a Pinterest Creator
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Canva For The Classroom
  4. Social Media Mastery
  5. Graphic Design Basics
  6. Branding Your Business

Asana Academy

In 2018 Asana launched Asana Academy. An e-learning platform that gives you instructions on the best way to use Asana. Once you have an authenticated account you are ready to register for as many courses as you like. The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts. You can get a course that’s right for you.

Asana Academy does not offer badges and certificates upon completion of the courses and quizzes. The team is still working on it. However, you can apply for an Ambassador program. Here you get access to best training resources. You become an expert and are allowed to share your badge and certificate on social media platform. Also, on your work experience, you can show your status as a member the Asana Together Community.

The academy offers 15 courses across four categories.

  1. Learn Asana
  2. Master Asana
  3. Company-wide Use Cases
  4. Marketing Use Cases

Wishpond Academy

Wishpond is a marketing platform that offers tools for lead generation and marketing automation. It enables users to develop and nature leads. The Wishpond Academy offers a number of free courses on the platform. Their courses are offered in form of case studies, videos and webinars. Courses that are offered are on content marketing, email marketing and industry related courses.

Email Marketing Master Class for Beginners is a new course by Wishpond. The course is meant for startups and business owners with little to know email marketing experience. It is best for beginners who want to pursue email marketing. Also, anyone who want to monitor and manage a business’ email marketing campaign.

LinkedIn Learning Path

LinkedIn Learning has a catalog of 9,000+ courses and 425 learning paths. You can identify the ones which are available for free and offer a free certificate. The courses are meant for job seekers, remote workers, managers and leaders at all levels, educators, talent acquisition professionals, sales professionals and small business. Moreover, you can find a course that help in reducing stress. This is very important especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The LinkedIn Learning Path courses were inspired by the need for people to learn new skills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are working remotely, schools are being closed and some industries are reducing their manpower. The Learning Path has provided opportunity to learn new skills for working remotely. It even offers ways to cope with stress.

185 courses and 14 learning paths offer free certificates, which represents 350+ hours of free online learning resources. You can explore the list of courses offered by topics.

  1. Business
  2. Creative
  3. Technology
  4. Animation and Illustration
  5. Photography

Free Online Courses With Certificates in 2021

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