Email Marketing Tips – Top 5 Trends For 2021

Email is a very essential part of online environment. The total number of email users worldwide was 3.9 Billion in 2019. The users are set to grow to 4.48 Billion by 2024. When it comes to connecting with prospects and customers, email is the best compared to any social media channel. Also, 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something compared to other channels.

With the on-going pandemic, email marketing has changed. Your strategy must also be updated to remain on top of the game. Below are a few tips to consider while creating your email marketing strategy for 2021.

Email Marketing Policies Related To The Covid-19 Pandemic

When it comes to email marketing in 2021, companies need to personalize their approach. Some companies have greatly prospered while others have been greatly affected by the effects of the pandemic.

The pandemic has created what economists are calling a K-shaped recovery. According to Investopedia, ” a K-shaped recovery occers after a recession. Different parts of the economy recover at different times, rates, or magnitudes”. This means that some brands will succeed naturally, while others will not have a chance. There are some brands that will fall in between. These brands’ success or failure will be determined by how agile and innovative they are willing to be.

Some email marketing trends for 2021 include:

  • Automated email sequence
  • Increasing investment in email marketing
  • Animated emails

Suitably Mapped Out Strategies

The success of your email marketing campaigns will be a result of a well mapped out strategy. Your strategy may need to shift in 2021 as the world continues to battle the pandemic. Documenting your email strategy will help you stick to the plan and achieve your goals. According to a research, for every dollar spent on email, businesses earn 40 dollars on their investments.

Consider The Customers Experience.

The pandemic has really impacted how people interact with each other. Brands have also had to shift their communication strategy with their consumers. They are focusing more towards building human connection and integrating empathy.

  • Understanding your customers needs and their expectations for your brand is very essential. Acquire as much data as you can of your customers.
  • Embrace empathy to better relate to your customers. Your customers feeling should be integrated into the emails you send to them.
  • Covid-19 has created new social polarities. Companies can create and define customer segments, which they can use to their advantage.

More Personalized Emails

Personalization really matters when it comes to email marketing. Just adding the customer’s name is not enough to convince them this year. Furthermore, consumers are looking for content that provide them with information that’s more specific to them.

According to Campaign Monitor, the more personalized the message, the more likely your subscriber is to open the message. Also, 69% of the subscribers will use the content to decide whether to mark the email as spam or not.

You can use segmentation and dynamic content to create and send hyper-personalized emails.

Text-Only Emails

This pandemic has shown people and brands that less is more. With a hyper-personalized email strategy, you can weave out a plain text and that’s it. A plain text without images makes it look like a message you would send a friend. The consumer will feel like the writer is trying to connect on a more personal level. Most people are turned off by transactional that scream SALE. Non-designed messages have a better at capturing the consumer’s attention.


Last year presented something new to the whole world. Consequently, everyone needed to adopt to the new environment. Some businesses failed, some flourished, and others, the majority, have been hanging in between.

With the changes in social interactions, most brands have had to find a better way to communicated and connect. Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective channel in acquiring, nurturing and retaining customers.

The above tips will help you with your email marketing strategy for the year 2021.

Email Marketing Tips – Top 5 Trends For 2021

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