The Power Of Online Content Writing For Your Business

When it comes to writing for your business it is important to do it from your heart. As an entrepreneur you need to want to succeed. You could be selling the same thing as eight or ten other sites online. However, what would make a customer choose your product over the others?

The internet has opened up an immense market and more and more businesses are taking advantage of it. Knowing how to present your business out there is very important. Some businesses will leave it to chance, that customers will just find them. Other business owners find ways in making sure that they can be found by their customers who will buy their products. Content writing or copywriting is a very powerful skill and anyone can learn it. 

Here are some of the most important benefits of content writing for your business.

Boost Search Engine Optimization

Content that is fresh and valuable will be ranked higher by the search engines. Blogging can be very beneficial for your business. However, not many people know how to go about writing blogs for their business. 

Spralding Home Inspections is a company that engages in construction of buildings. They do research, development and testing services. This company started blogging in 2014 by the help of  Maye Create Design. They measured the number of views their site got as they post their content. In a year and six months, their total blog visitors increased to 1,018 people. This showed that their blogging efforts worked.

Frequent posting and consistency is key to success when it comes to blogging. There are plenty of ways that can help you make sure you keep an active blog.

Create a Content Calendar 

Studies suggest that writing down your goals can increase the chance of achieving them. Get yourself committed to a schedule. You can use Coschedule to create a good content calendar. It will help you plan and strategize your business’ blog. There are times when you have a burst of energy and some other times you may not want to create content. A Scheduler will help you create and plan content to cover you for the next week or month.

Consider Input From Your Team

If you have a team it will be wise to have them chip in into the blogging business. You can highlight how different people have brought diverse expertise to the business. Team members do not have to write on their own. However, a member can contribute to a topic where they are an expert. This will ensure you never run out of fresh content.

Incorporate Visuals.

Many people believe blogs consist of blocks of text and a picture or two. You can make your blogs more attractive by including videos and images.

Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

To stand out in a crowded industry you need to know your own business first. You should know more about your products and services than anyone else. Your blog provides you with a space to showcase your thought leadership in your industry. 

When monitoring your blog’s visitors it is important to note the number of visitors that are your target market. Spralding posted most in the first six months but reduced the number of posts in the last six months. They monitored and reviewed the topics that did well and worked in that area to continue readership. Their number of views kept going up.

Blogging is a way of bringing people in on what your company is all about. It allows you to express your business’ view point. No matter how small your business is you can stand out as the leader and expert. Use your blog to build clout and trust in your industry.

Watch your competitors and other industry leaders. Look at what they are writing about. Try to create better content than them. Strive to be the place where people come to search for the latest information. 

Get Your Customers Excited About Your Business

Blogging can help your business communicate and build relationships with consumers. It allows you to show a personal side of your business that prospective and current customers won’t see through outbound marketing techniques. You get to show people a sense of the corporate standards, vision, and personality of your company.

One of the biggest benefits of content writing for your business is the ability to provide value to visitors. You can use your blog post to solve problems and/or provide life hacks. Your products or services will be part of the solutions you offer in your posts.

Blogging allows you to connect with your visitors. You can ask your readers questions at the end of each post. This will enable you to keep the conversation going and allow your visitors to comment and provide feedback.

Make sure you respond to feedback and provide answers to their questions. Moreover, their  responses allow you to get feedback and valuable insights into what your customers want from you.  

Keep Connected With Loyal Customers

Your blog can help you get emails from interested leads by asking them to subscribe to your blog posts. These emails are important for your email marketing strategy. Having an email list will ensure these people regularly see your posts.The more you connect with your visitors the better the chances of turning them into customers.  

Create Opportunities For Sharing

Every time you post, you create an opportunity for people to share your content with others. They can share it in their social media or email it to someone else. This is free marketing for your business. Also, if someone recommends you it validates you as a credible business.

Remember to share other people’s content too. Create a two-way relationship where you help the people who follow you by engaging and sharing their content. Whenever you publish your content there will be someone willing and ready to share it if you did theirs. 

Guest Post

Posting on relevant blogs within your industry will help you with referral traffic. Offer to provide content on certain topics in exchange for a link back to your site. Also, allow others to post on your site as well. The referral links back and forth will help you create a network within your industry. 


Just like Spalding Home Inspection you can start writing for your business. More and more people will get a more detailed look into how your products or services are going to help them. You will also get to know what people want from you and where to improve and focus on. 

We have seen from the above article that blogging makes sense. Blogging works. With little effort you can build credibility, increase your site visits, boost search engine rankings and create relationships with current and potential customers. This is an opportunity for a small business to grow.  So, you need to set some goals for your business and start a blog.

The Power Of Online Content Writing For Your Business

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