Promoting Your Business on Facebook Without Paying

Facebook is incredibly useful for building relationships with followers and creating new audiences. Knowing what to do to set up a page and promote your business on Facebook is very crucial nowadays. People need to be able to find your business. Many small business need to learn how to set up a page for their business. Moreover, they need to know some tips that they can use to promote their businesses on Facebook without spending a dime.

In this post we are going to go over 8 things that you will want to do to grow you small business on Facebook.

Create a Fan Page

A fan page, an account that represents your business. It has tools for managing engagements. You will be able to engage with customers and promote your products with a Facebook fan page. There are different features available for fan pages depending on the category of business you choose. You are free to use call-to-action buttons including Book Now, Contact Us, Shop Now, Play Game, Sign Up and Watch Video.

With a fan page you also get access to page and audience insights. You get insights into your audience perception of your product and/ service and their demographic data. These information can allow you to create proper content strategy. You know what your audience is interested in, therefore, you plan your content around that information.

It requires work to build a successful presence on Facebook. Make sure you increase your engagement by creating an active timeline that visitors will appreciate. By making sure you respond to messages and comments. Support other pages that are associated with your brand, by highlighting their pages. Also, make participatory posts, ones that can prompt a challenge for your visitors.

Robust Brand Presence

With 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the best place to grow your business. However, so many businesses are promoting their businesses just like you are. It is a pretty crowded market place. To beat the odds, you need a consistent and strong brand. Reach more people with a good content marketing strategy. Also, make sure you are always available, you cannot afford to not be online.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a place where discussions are done, learning more about other products and get access to exclusive knowledge. People who join your Facebook group are most likely to be your most loyal customers. With these people brought together, you can be able to directly tap into real insights relating to your business.

Inviting customers and fans into a group where they can talk to you directly will strengthen your relationships. Moreover, the more you engage and interact with your group members the better it is for Facebook algorithms. Facebook prioritizes posts from groups with the highest engagement.

The Instant Pot has a Facebook page with about 646 699 followers and a community of 3M members. The group sees about 300 posts per day. Talk about a high level of engagement. This popular electric cooker brand has created a space for the international community of Instant Pot users to interact. They post recipes and information about their experience with the product.

List Your Events

Facebook events are another great way to stay engaged with people, build loyalty and generate leads. On Facebook, you can connect events with Facebook Live allowing you to promote a live stream on an event page. Give your event a unique name to ensure people are able to remember. Provide a clear and thorough description, a recognized location and an eye-catching photo. Use keywords to optimize your events. Keywords will allow Facebook to recommend it to other users who have already shown interest in their activities.

Get people to find out about your event. This can be a struggle. You will want people outside your following to know about the event. Ask other organizers or promoters to add your event to their page calendars so that their audiences can discover it.

Your event can also be promoted outside of Facebook. Use other social media platforms to reach more people. Also, remember to create a sense of urgency in order to get people exited with your event. If they feel like they are going to miss out, they will be quicker to accept your invitation.

Syndicate Your Blog

Content syndication means republishing a piece of content, an article or a video on different platforms. Syndicating is different from duplicating. It would be bad for search engine optimization (SEO), if you do duplicate content. Syndicating is allowed, just make sure you show that the article or video is indeed syndicated and include a link to the original post.

Ask your Network To Share Blog Posts

Creating articles takes time and effort, you want people to see them. Make sure your readers are able to share it with their friends. You can also collaborate with other bloggers who are working on the same subject as you. You may even be sharing an audience. Do share their posts on your page and tag them. This will expose you to their audience and vice versa.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook allows you to stream live videos. Live videos are a great way for company to give a front row seat for their customers. They get to see the everyday happenings of the company. It can be used to show customers the fun side of their business that cannot be immediately seen by everyone. This can be used to strengthen customer relationship and to build brand loyalty.

Fan fact: Chewbacca Mom’s Facebook Live video is the most watched with 174.8 million views. Candace Payne, a 37 tear old’s video became the most watched video. She was just recording a funny video about a purchase but ended up going viral.

Create A Community

A Facebook group is a community where likeminded people meet. A community is important as it boosts your position in the industry. It elevates you to an authority in your niche. As the leader of your community you need to know why you created it. Be vulnerable with people and allow them to reach you.

Focus on building a connection with your members. If you bombard them with information every now and then you slim the chances of creating a connection. Seek to understand your audience, learn more and understand your members. Make it a space for them. The connection you create should focus on their interest and providing clarity for them concerning your business. Remember to focus on building human to human connections. Also, be real and authentic with the members of your community.

Promoting Your Business on Facebook Without Paying

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