As a marketer or a professional webmaster, you need to constantly find better solutions for your work. You need to build the best research experience for you. There are more inventions and innovations happening in the digital world. Better processes are coming up and work is made easier. In 2021 we are still finding newer research tools.

There is no right tool, platform or process for every research experience. However, you can find the best combination of research tools to improve your research experience. Below are a few of the tools that I have used. They are free and so far the best research tools that I have gained insight into.

Google Keyword Tool

Whenever you want to start your marketing campaign or simply create content, you need to plan. Planning will involve doing a keyword research. Discover new keywords that you will use in your website’s content using a Google keyword tool. It will help you find keywords that are more relevant and specific to your website’s content.

The Google Ads research tool will help you find out what people are searching for and how often those keywords appear in their searches. Keyword data will help you know what your audience like. Using these insights will set you up for success in your content creation.

Google Trends

Google trends is also another excellent keyword research tool. It will show you what’s trending on Google. You will be able to discover the popularity of any keyword. You can get a comparison of the popularity of different keywords. Moreover, you can know which keywords were trending at a particular time. Also, how they were/are doing in different countries.

Use this research tool to know your audience better and make content that people want to read.

Facebook Audience Insights

Research shows that more than 2.8 billion people actively used Facebook monthly, by the end of 2020. Therefore, Facebook is a very important for keeping track of your audiences. You will need a page on Facebook for your business. You can use audiences insights to get an overview of their demographic and psychographic information.

Think With Google

Google has a lot of data. With years of accumulated data from people, Google is the best place to peek into your audience’s mind. With this website you can discover consumer insights, new marketing strategies and tools and innovations in the marketing industry. Even with the Global pandemic, Google is able to pick changes in consumer behavior. This research tool will enable you to do a perfect market research and be ready for whatever changes that are already happening.

Social Mention

If your brand is one that’s been existing for a while, people must be talking about it. You need to follow up on conversations that are relevant to your brand. Social mentions, also known as social listening, enables you to track keywords, URLs and hashtags that people are interested in.

Social media has a lot of information. Tracking relevant information can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where a social mention tool comes in. It will show you only the information that is relevant to you. You are able to find clients and even competitors’ clients and market to them directly.

Economic Census

You can get information on the economy of any population by looking at the available data. You can get the demographic and psychographic information. For example, the US Census Bureau provides economic data across the economy of the United States.

Census data is quite important for your marketing strategy. However, it can be very hard to find the exact information you need. You may need to hire a private company or consultant at a fee to find the information for you. One such company is Ask Wonder. They have a team that does a perfect job at getting you any answers you need.

Pew Research Center Website

This is where you can get facts on public opinion, social issues and demographic trends across the world. The website can help you better understand your market. You get to do free research on topics including social issues, religion, US politics, digital media, internet and technology and science.

Survey Monkey

This is a tool that will help you understand your consumers better by conducting in-depth surveys. It allows you to generate a survey, poll or quiz and send it out to the public. You are able to collect suggestions criticism, feedback and opinions. This tool is very powerful as it gets you real time insights from your consumer.

Answer The Public

This is another free research tool. You already have your researched keywords. You can use this tool to find out all the questions people are asking about the keywords or key phrases. With these questions, you can work on answering them and thus creating relevant content. These tool works on the search engine optimization rule of relevance. With quality content it can help you get to the top search results on Google.


This is a new research tool by Ask Wonder. It allows you to get better findings faster without having to go through a lot of information. The free chrome extension allows you to view a summary of data points, keywords and even phone or email contacts at the click of a button. It allows you search within your search results. The tool also scans the underlying content of your search results and pulls out significant entities such as people, companies, brands, places etc. You immediately get to know the key players and concepts.

Do you have a tool or app that you love that is not mentioned above? Please share with me in the comment section bellow.

10 Best Research Tools For Your Market Analysis in 2021

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