Why crafting a community-building strategy is your service business’ competitive advantage?

How do you get clients from communities? Salesforce says 84% respond when people treat them like people rather than numbers. That is why consumers are changing their expectations for brands. There is much more to brand building & business plan innovations than quality service. People are searching for an authentic human relationship to the brand […]

How To Create a Facebook Group For Your Brand Community Building

On your Facebook account, tap More options > Groups. If you have other groups, you will be able to see them. Click Create Group. Enter the name of your group. Then choose whether you want it to be public or private to protect the privacy of group members. You can also make it visible, where […]

How To Turn Customers Into Advocates: User-Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is a form of content that is posted on social media forums. It is content that is created by other people who are not the brand. Consumers can create this content for the purpose of spreading knowledge about the products on their sites or the brands’ pages. User-generated content can be […]

How To Use Google Business Profile To Get More Customers

Google Business Profile was formerly known as Google My Business. It is your free Google business listing. Google is the world’s most-visited website. In 2022, the number of unique visitors was over 270 million, in the USA only. This currently holds more than 61.4% of search engine market share.  Your potential customers can definitely be […]

WhatsApp Business For A More Substantial Brand Presence

WhatsApp is the most popular communication tool around the world. As long as you have anybody’s phone number, and they have WhatsApp, a messaging app, you can connect. The app has become an undisputed ruler of free mobile messaging worldwide. As of 2022, the app has 2.26 billion unique monthly active users. WhatsApp does a […]

How To Effectively Use Facebook For Your Business

Small and big businesses use social media for boosting their visibility among potential customers. Social media platforms give you access to a very wide audience.  A lot more businesses are using these platforms than ever before. They allow people to drive their businesses effectively. However, it is how well you know how to use social […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips For The Best Marketing Campaign

If you have a business, big or small, you will always be looking for ways to make it known to as many people as possible. There is a big potential market on social media. There are now 4.70 billion active users of social media. The average time spent by users on social media channels is […]

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

It is not easy to keep up with the changing demands of the internet and online users. For a successful digital marketing strategy campaign, you need to know what is new and whether you can incorporate it into your business campaigns. The Covid-19 pandemic came and transformed a lot of things. More people are purchasing, […]

9 Ways To Get Quality Traffic To Your Website Fast

Website traffic is very essential for your business. The more visitors you have in your website the higher the chances for potential customers. Marketind allows you to bring credibility and trustworthiness for your business. It will allow you to reach both current and potential customers. Your content can provide detailed information about your business. This […]

5 Best Work From Home Apps and Platforms For Companies/Teams

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the number of people working from home. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILO estimates that 7.9% of the world’s workforce (260 million workers) worked from home on a permanent basis.  According to Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Report, “remote work isn’t always as Instagram-worthy as it may seem. In fact, […]

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