How To Use Instagram For Small Business

Social Media will play a very big role in the growth of your business. It’s a means of engaging with your audience, promote your business and answer your customers’ questions. Instagram is a great way to promote and expand your business in 2021. In fact, there is nearly 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, making […]

Promoting Your Business on Facebook Without Paying

Facebook is incredibly useful for building relationships with followers and creating new audiences. Knowing what to do to set up a page and promote your business on Facebook is very crucial nowadays. People need to be able to find your business. Many small business need to learn how to set up a page for their […]

Tools You Need For Success of Your New Blog

Starting a new blog can be really exciting. There is a lot to do, some money has been spend and your expectation, very high. If you are doing it by yourself, you probably have tried to do your own research. There is a lot of information out there on building and operating your new blog. […]

How to Create Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook has a lot of users. There are  2.93 billion monthly active users. The platform offers a space where people connect with friends and family. From grandparents to children and even old friends.  Despite controversies relating to security and privacy, users still prefer to stay. As a marketer, the platform can offer a lot of […]

How To Reclaim Admin Rights To a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a public Facebook account used by businesses and brands. They use it to update and post essential things concerning the business. Businesses and brands can share contact information and content, and market their business.  A page enables you to reach potential customers and also target specific people. You can even get […]

9 Ways To Get Quality Traffic To Your Website Fast

Website traffic is very essential for your business. The more visitors you have in your website the higher the chances for potential customers. Marketing allows you to bring credibility and trustworthiness for your business. It will allow you to reach both current and potential customers. Your content can provide detailed information about your business. This […]

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

It is not easy to keep up with the changing demands of the internet and online users. For a successful digital marketing strategy campaign, you need to know what is new and whether you can incorporate it into your business campaigns. The Covid-19 pandemic came and transformed a lot of things. More people are purchasing, […]

How To Develop A Social Media Marketing Strategy For A Client

As a marketer that is providing marketing services to your client, you need a plan. A summary of things that you intend to do on social media to achieve the company’s goal. You need a social media marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy will guide your actions and let you know when you are winning […]

How To Use Telegram To Promote Your Business

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. It offers multimedia messages, audio and video calls. It is slightly similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Telegram provides a ton of freedom and secret chats. Users have always turned to Telegram when they are looking for a secure platform. In some countries where there have been fears […]

Social Media Marketing Trends, Best Practices, and tips for Marketing Your Business In 2022

As marketers, you are always looking out for new and better ways of doing things to grow your business. Learn how you can  benefit from your customers’ changing behaviours. Social media marketing trends today are changing as customer’s tastes and preferences change. You need to keep up to date with these changes so that you […]

Google’s Digital Marketing Platform for Better ROI

Google has a digital marketing platform that helps you with smarter marketing campaigns for better results. As a small business owner you will be able to access free tools for your marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can be a bit tasking, and it can even seem impossible to do. There is a ton of information and […]

Creating The Best KPI Report

A key performance indicator, KPI, helps you to evaluate the success of your business. You want to know if your work is paying off or not. Frequently, achievement is essentially the continuous accomplishment of certain degrees of functional objective (for example high conversion count, more traffic to website, etc.). Appropriately, picking the right KPIs depends […]

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