17 Awesome Content Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2023

How often do you read blogs and follow social media accounts on a regular basis? If you reply yes, then this article is going to change your mindset completely! There are millions of articles out there, but only a handful of them really inspire you. Most are written by the same authors, who repeat their ideas over and over again. This makes it impossible to get inspired by them.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites out there. Some are informative, some are entertaining, and some are downright boring. And you should definitely read those too, but there are some that stand out from the crowd. 

It’s important to keep reading good content regularly to stay motivated and energized. In my opinion, these sites are excellent sources of inspiring content. They are constantly updating and providing new information, which keeps me engaged. If you want to stay inspired, check out these 17 blogs for daily inspiration.

  1. BloggingTips Blog

This website has 125.2K monthly visits. It is an excellent blog if you want to learn about content marketing. Here you will learn how to start, grow, and monetize a blog. They will help you learn how to maximize your blog fully. If you are a new blogger and want to take your blog over the top, you will need to get your act together fast. 

You need to find a way to start and make your blog a regular feature on your site. It needs to be user-friendly and have great content so that people who visit do not just read an article and go, but also want to know more. This means spending some time researching before you start. It would be best if you had a good guide to help you, and this one is a good one. 

  1. WP Beginner Blog

The largest WordPress resource site for WordPress beginners with tutorials for mastering WordPress basics. This website gets about 2.9M monthly visits. It helps people get started with blogging. It’s also great for keeping track of the steps you take and making sure you do everything right. This blog offers insights from how to install WordPress to how to choose the best phone services for businesses. 

  1.  NeilPatel Blog

NeilPatel’s blog helps you with turning your prospects into loyal customers. This website receives about 5.2M monthly visits. It’s a pretty popular site with people seeking insights on how to turn a customer into a loyal customer. After all, any new relationship is inherently risky. However, with loyalty-phobic customers, businesses today are looking to cut costs and increase customer turnover. It’s more important than ever before for businesses to develop effective strategies for retaining customers. 

  1. Content Marketing Institute Blog

The Content Marketing Institute’s blog provides insight into the latest trends in digital content creation and distribution. You’ll find articles about business models, platforms and software solutions that help companies create and distribute high-quality content across channels. The website’s monthly visit is about 395.9K visitors. 

  1.  Buzzsumo Blog

BuzzSumo’s blog posts offer insights into how businesses should use social media to drive traffic, engagement and sales. Their own monthly visit is about 611.5K visitors. Their articles range from industry news and analysis to data visualizations and tips on using BuzzSumo tools. The blog aims to help both novice and advanced marketers achieve success in today’s social marketplace. 

  1. GrowthHackers Blog

GrowthHackers’ blog offers tips on maximising the potential of your online marketing efforts, including things like SEO optimization, PPC management, email outreach, lead generation, etc. Their goal is to provide useful information for entrepreneurs looking to launch and run successful campaigns. The website receives about 112.6K monthly visits. 

  1.  CoSchedule Blog

CoSchedule’s blog focuses on helping small business owners improve their content marketing strategy. With topics ranging from analytics to storytelling to customer service, their site covers everything related to creating engaging content. Coschedule’s monthly website visit is about 850.3K visitors. 

  1. Social Media Today

Social Media Today offers advice on how to make the most out of your social media marketing strategy. From setting goals to analyzing metrics. They discuss the many different aspects to consider when executing a campaign. It also offers the latest trends and tips on using social media. The website’s monthly visit is about 1.2M visitors. This is a pretty popular website.

  1. Copyblogger Blog

Copyblogger’s blog has tutorials and guides on how to get more people talking about your brand. From basic copywriting techniques to advanced blogging strategies, their blog helps readers learn how to write compelling content for search engines and human audiences alike. Copyblogger gets an average of 442K monthly visits.

  1.  CopyPress Blog

CopyPresss blog tackles issues surrounding content and technology and offers tips on how to leverage these concepts to boost your marketing efforts. Topics range from SEO to conversion rate optimization. They get about 62.6K monthly visits.

  1.  ProBlogger

ProBlogger provides inspiration for bloggers. Blogging can be a struggle at times. You have to come up with new ideas every day, and you may find it difficult to keep coming up with fresh content. Even if you love your niche, it can be difficult finding the time to write and keep up with your blog. You get very practical blogging advice. ProBlogger gets monthly visits of about 502.9K. 

  1. HubSpot Blog

The website gets an average of 41.4M monthly visits. That’s a lot of people visiting the site each month. This blog helps its audience with marketing tips, sales best practices, website tips and tutorials, business and tech news, and how to build a customer-first business. A customer-focused culture is critical for a successful business. Customers want to be treated with respect, empathy, and honesty. If you don’t provide these things, they’ll move on to competitors who do.

  1. Social Media Examiner Blog

This website has an average of 715.5k monthly visits. Their blog offers help with marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook Ads. Social Media platforms offer companies an opportunity to connect with potential customers in a way that was previously impossible. By using these platforms, businesses can now reach out to millions of people worldwide without spending much money.

  1. Sprout Social Blog

This website is quite popular, it has an average of 2.7M monthly visits. They offer social media solutions for businesses to help in extending their reach, grow their brand and make meaningful connections with their audience. 

How do I get more followers? How do I get my posts shared on Facebook? How do I optimize my Instagram feed for maximum engagement? These questions are common for anyone who wants to succeed on social platforms. They are the reason why social media has become so popular.

  1. Light Stalking Blog

Light Stalking is a site that focuses on photography. It has an average of 217.1K monthly visits. The blog offers photography gear guides and photo guides. Photos & Videos are a powerful way to create high-quality content for social media. They also provide a great opportunity for businesses to present a professional image that helps them stand out from their competitors. And of course, they make for some excellent marketing materials, too.

  1. Get Rich Slowly Blog

Your business is making you money. How do you spend it? Do you have any savings or investments? The Get Rich Slowly blog offers insights into mastering your money. The website has about 121.2K monthly visits. These are thousands of people who are seeking insights on how to spend their money wisely. Spending money wisely means prioritizing your spending and keeping track of what and where you spend. This will help you know where your money is going and whether you should continue to spend that money the same way in the future.

  1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is one platform that I use every day. On overage, 1B of us use it each month. I asked Google if Pinterest is a blogging platform, and the answer was YES. So, I added it to this list. Pinterest is where we get inspiration to plan and create our own content. For example, you see pictures, get inspired by them and create a blog post around them. In today’s digital landscape, where consumers are flocking to social platforms to find their content and stay up-to-date with their favorite brands and creators, it is crucial for your business to keep up with the latest trends and produce content consistently.

Is there a blog you love that is not on the list? Please let me know. Comment down below. 

17 Awesome Content Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2023

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