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How To Market Your Business on Twitter

Do you have Twitter? Do you think you can be able to market your business on Twitter? Well, let’s find out. This platform is a communication tool that allows you to send out tweets up to 140 characters long. You can include links to your website or other social media channel. Twitter is a fairly big platform. It has 229┬ámillion monetizable daily active international users (mDAU). This metric measures the number of accounts logged in to access Twitter, allowing it to show ads or paid Twitter products, in a given day.

Twitter is categorized as a microblogging tool. It shares features with other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. A tweet is short, you can share images, and a link to your videos. It offers real-time communication between you and your target audience. Your business can really benefit from this platform if you learn how to use it correctly.

How To Use Twitter for Your Business

You will need a Twitter account to present your brand. Make sure your appearance on Twitter is similar to your other channels. Your account name, logo, and photos should help people to recognize you. Your profile photo appears next to your tweets. Many businesses use their own photos instead of a logo, but with a recognisable brand name. This makes the account a bit more personal. Use the profile header to introduce your brand. It’s just like the Facebook cover photo. You can customize the background and give it a good representation of your brand. It can help you maintain consistent branding across all of your social channels. Canva is a tool that you can use to customize your Twitter background photo.

Leveraging Twitter User Base

Twitter, currently (in 2022), boasts an average Monetizable Daily Active Usage (mDAU) of 229 million. This is smaller than the other major social media platforms like Facebook at 3 billion users, Instagram at 1.5 billion users, and LinkedIn at 810 million users. Twitter generally has a smaller user base but, it’s still a good platform for business. Research shows that Twitter users generally have a higher income; 85% earn more than $30,000, and 34% earn $75,000 or higher. Better yet, it’s good to note that, “53% of Twitter audience is more likely to be the first to buy a new product”. Twitter makes it easy to find your target audience, and most likely in a buying mood, through organic searches, hashtags or targeted ads.

Tweet About Trending Topics

You must stay on top of trending news for your business to thrive on Twitter. Find out what’s happening in your industry, or whether a trending topic can be applied in your niche. For example, as the year comes to an end, people are talking about television, movies, baked goods, Christmas pyjamas etc. Twitter is very good at conveying real-time information. Research actually shows that people on Twitter love television, and will often have two screens as they watch and engage in conversations. When any major event happens in the world, people flock to Twitter to seek information. This is what makes it different from the other platforms.

These trending topics allow you to join a conversation where your target audience is already engaging. Depending on your creativity, you can capture the interest of people and consequently your potential customers. People love humorous tweets and may get so many retweets in a short time. Research shows that 88% of consumers say that authenticity is the key factor when deciding what brands to support. Also, another survey shows that 46% of consumers pay more for brands they trust. The nature of Twitter offers a place where businesses can build trust-based relationships with their customers.

Post and Engage

To build a following and consequently a community, you need to interact actively with the platform. Post about a new idea, product feature, invention or innovation in your industry. Follow other accounts that are related to your niche or brand. Follow people whose content you like and enjoy, your friends, family, competitors, influencers etc.

Engage with people by liking, mentioning, commenting on tweets and retweeting. Also, remember to regularly tweet about important information concerning your brand. Interacting with others regularly will eventually build your following.

Twitter Analytics

As a social media platform, Twitter can help you drive traffic to your website, build a loyal customer base and increase sales. Analytics help you to know your best tweets. The ones that your audience is engaging with the most. You will be guided in your content creation moving forward. You can create content that resonates with your audience. Twitter analytics dashboard allows you to explore and measure your engagement, understand your followers’ demographics and psychographics, and measure your advertising efforts.

How To Market Your Business on Twitter

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