How To Create a Facebook Group For Your Brand Community Building

On your Facebook account, tap More options > Groups. If you have other groups, you will be able to see them. Click Create Group. Enter the name of your group. Then choose whether you want it to be public or private to protect the privacy of group members. You can also make it visible, where anyone can find it, or hidden so that members only can access it. Then create group. Now you can invite people to join. Make sure you add a cover photo. A photo that enables your members to know what the Facebook group is about.

Facebook Group Features

  • Customization: You can use colors on posts, customize post background and font and use emojis.
  • Features set: You can preset a collection of post format, badges, admin tools etc.
  • Formatting: You as the admin can set the format you want members to use in your group. 
  • Greetings: Create a greeting message that your members will see when they join your group.
  • Subgroups: You will be able to create subgroups around specific topics.
  • Community chats: Where your members will be able to communicate in real-time with other members. 
  • Recurring events: If your business has regular and recurring events, you can set them up for members to attend either online or in person. 
  • Badges: Allows you to award badges to community members who make meaningful contributions to the group. For example, those who frequently start and contribute to conversations. 
  • Pinned announcements: You can pin announcements at the top and in the order in which they appear.
  • Suggestions: You can offer personalized suggestions. 
  • Internal chats: For admins and other moderators to communicate and work privately, away from other group members.
  • Pixels in Groups: You can use Facebook Pixel to track users’ behaviour in your group posts. Also, how they interact with your website and what’s affecting traffic and conversion rate on your website.
  • Community fundraisers: You can raise funds for group projects.
  • Merchandise: You can also sell merchandise through and to your members. Branded T-shirts, tote bags, hats etc.
  • Paid memberships: You can create subgroups where members can join through a paid subscription.

Tips for using Facebook Groups

  1. Name of your group: Don’t use the name of your brand for your group name. A name should tell potential members what the group is about and how they’ll benefit if they decide to join.
  2. Security level: Groups can be visible or private. Public/visible groups can be joined by anyone. Private/hidden groups can only be joined by members who know about them.
  3. Promote the group: After creating the group, it’s time to get new members to join.  Tell people about it on your Facebook account and other social media.
  4. Ask people questions before they join. Why they are joining and what they are interested in. This is very valuable information.
  5. Post Group rules: Every group should have rules to avoid things such as spamming. New members should be directed to these rules and regulations for them to read. 
  6. Welcoming message. Draft a welcoming message for new members. You can even ask them to introduce themselves if it is necessary. 
  7. Engage. Post discussions. Encourage members to start conversations. Reply to questions. Most importantly, keep monitoring the conversations to answer questions that require your attention and get rid of spam and those members that do not follow our group’s rules.
How To Create a Facebook Group For Your Brand Community Building

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