How To Use Google Business Profile To Get More Customers

Google Business Profile was formerly known as Google My Business. It is your free Google business listing. Google is the world’s most-visited website. In 2022, the number of unique visitors was over 270 million, in the USA only. This currently holds more than 61.4% of search engine market share.  Your potential customers can definitely be found here. A Google Business Profile is an important way to bring more visitors to your business. They will find you through Google search, Images, News, Maps and more. It is a free Google service that allows users to manage their business information, including business hours, contact information, and other essential details.

Creating Google Business Profile

This is a great way to improve visibility across Google services. Information from your business will appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. Google Business Profile is not only available to businesses that have contact with customers. Those that sell online can create one too. Businesses with a physical location like a restaurant or store, businesses that provide services by meeting with clients in other locations, like consultants or plumbers, and businesses that sell products that can be shipped or downloaded.

The new Google Business Profile allows you to list your business even when your business is online only. You don’t have to rely only on Google Ads and Google Analytics. 

  • Step 1: You will need to sign up for a Google Business Account to start creating a Google Business Profile. It is very easy to sign up. Just click on this link and go to manage now. Log in with your Google account.
  • Step 2: Add your business’s information to your Google Business Profile. You will be asked to provide your business name.
  • Step 3: Choose whether you are a storefront, service provider or online retailer. 
  • Step 4: If you have a website for your business, you can add it. If it’s an online-only business, the products should be shippable or downloadable. Display prices with a payment method. Also, customers should be able to buy directly from your store (do not redirect to another website).
  • Step 5: Choose the primary business category. For example, pizza place, women gym, Chinese restaurant, etc. Help customers find you easily. If a customer searches for ‘women’s gym near me, your business will show up if it is a women’s gym.
  • Step 6: Enter your business address.
  • Step 7: Show on the map where your business is located. This will help customers around your area to find you.
  • Step 8: Provide your business phone number.
  • Step 8: Verify your business information. Google needs you to verify your business so that it can be able to update the name and other info. It needs to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the business.

Google Business Profile Features

Category and Description

This feature helps to understand the core of your business so that it can surface your Google Business Profile listing for the most relevant search terms. Choose business categories that best represent your business’ activities. According to the local pack/finder ranking factors survey, Google categories have the most impact on ranking on Google. This is based on how profitable one category is over the other.


Reviews are absolutely critical to compete in local search. If you’re just looking to get more customers in your Google Business, you can try to get more Google Reviews. There are different ways to get more Google Reviews. The local pack/ finder factors survey in 2021 also confirms reviews are quite important when you want to rank better. Also, the higher the rating values customers give you, the better. The more reviews you get is also important. 

Google Meet

This is a feature for video conferencing. It allows you to connect in real-time with your customers. It can be used as a way of contacting and providing an online service to your customers.


It’s important to update your hours on Google Business Profile. Make an update to your hours and make sure they are correct to allow your customers to know when you are open. If your business was last updated so long ago, people may not trust that you are still in business.

Photos and Posts

Google Business Profile allows you to share photos and posts to promote your business’ special offers, events and updates to keep your customers updated.  


If you highlight certain attributes on your business profile, your business will show up in searches that contain those attributes. These are things like; ‘Kids friendly’, ‘wheelchair-accessible seating’, ‘a mask required’ and many more. For online businesses, attributes may include; online appointments, online care, online estimates, online classes, etc.

How To Use Google Business Profile To Get More Customers

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