How to Write an Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook has a lot of users. There are  2.93 billion monthly active users. The platform offers a space where people connect with friends and family. From grandparents to children and even old friends.  Despite controversies realting to their security and privacy, users still prefer to stay. As a marketer, the platform can offer a lot of value to your marketing efforts.  

Facebook has many advertising options. Instagram is also a good advertising option. Moreover, both Instagram and Facebook ads are managed on Facebook’s ads platform. This is a huge potential for marketers. Facebook is the best advertising platform for B2B and B2C businesses. Organic reach on Facebook is declining, and it even less for businesses with huge following.  Marketers have been advertising on Facebook to get results.

Why Facebook Advertising Works.

Tons of users.

With more than 2,9 billion monthly user, the platform offers you businesses access to a huge digital ad network. Since Facebook ad network gives access to Instgram, you get access to advertising on both platforms. Both platforms have great usage statistics. Facebook ads gives you access to market to people you otherwise would never be able to reach. It provides this advantage to both small and large enterprises. 


Facebook ads gives you the ability to market to a specific audience. The platform is very rich in data. You can use this data to target the audience that are right for your business. You can even narrow down your target audience to segments. You can use their ages, language, gender, location, interests, incme, job title, political affiliation etc. 

Best ad type 

There are a wide variety of ads on Facebook. You can get creative with different multimedia elements. The types of ads to choose from include; Photos, Videos,  Stories, Messenger, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection and Playables. You can choose the best ad type for your business needs. 

Offers the best return on advertising spent

When performing your marketing campaigns you want to get value for your money. Facebook is a good adverting platform when it comes to return on advertising spending. In fact, according to Statistica, 41% of US retail marketers have reported that Facebook produced the best ROAST for them. 21% said the same about Instagram. 

People are more likely to click on ads displayed on Facebook. This makes it the best platform for advertising. 


You can advertise to audiences that have previously visited your website and shown interest. Facebook pixel offers a strategy that helps you track how people interact with your website. The ads they viewed before coming to your website, pages they visited, add to cart actions, wish lists and more. This strategy helps you target these people and remarket to them.

Content marketing 

When you share information on Facebook, you let people feel connected to your brand. Consumers want to learn more about a brand and the people behind the brand. In fact, according to a data finding on Sprout Social, 72% of consumers reported feeling more connected to a brand when they share information on social media. Employees are the face of your brand. Encourage them to share information about the brand on social media. You can curate content for them to share.

How to Target Your Ads On Facebook

Facebook will show your ads to people who find your content relevant. There are tools that can help you to target your ads further. 

You can define your audience based on;

  • Custom audience 
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connections

Secondly,  you can also get in touch with people who have interacted with your business before, online or offline. You can use information that you already have, for example, a contact list. Use it to get a custom audience using Facebook pixel. 

Thirdly, you can reach a new audience who have similar characteristics to your current audience. Create a lookalike audience from source audience of people you know. Your ads will reach people with similar characteristics. 

Types of Facebook Ads

Sponsored Posts

This type of Facebook ad allows you to pay and promote organic posts that you already have on your page. If an organic post performs well on its own, many marketers choose to pay to promote it to reach a wider audience of potential customers. 

Sponsored posts may be paid promotional posts, where you promote pre-existing organic posts by paying to increase reach and engagement. Secondly, there are brand-sponsored posts where you pay an influencer to post about your product/services.  

The Right-Hand Column Ads

These ads appear in the right-hand column of your Facebook page. Make the ad interesting to capture people’s attention. Encourage people to want to learn more about what you are promoting. 

Copywriting for Facebook Ads

A copy is a text that you write that you use together with your media for your Facebook ad. Copywriting is about convincing people to take an action. You need to stand out with your headline. Show people how you’ll solve their problems. Include emotional triggers. Remember, people are not driven by logic only. Show people how your product will benefit them. Most importantly, show them that they are missing out. FOMO can be the only reason why someone clicks on your ad. There is intense competition online, a great advertising copy is a powerful tool to help you get ahead of your competitor.

Strategies for Writing Your Best Facebook Ads

 Instagram and Facebook Reel ads.

Reels provide an opportunity for marketers to create short and entertaining videos. They can be viewed for up to 60secs and people can like, comment, share, view and skip ads. Facebook’s cost per thousand impressions, (CPM) are 2 times higher than Instagram’s CPM. However, Facebook’s cost per click (CPC) is lower by about half, compared to Instagram’s.

The reels have an average of 22% increase in engagement compared to regular videos. If you already have content on Snapchat or Tiktok, you can take the ones that have the highest views. Repurpose them and use them as reel ads. They can make great reel ads.


Your Facebook ads will perform better at a particular time of the day. Knowing when will help you save a lot on your ad budget. More campaigns are shown at different times to really take advantage of this to maximize the performance of the ad during peak time. 

For example, 4 pm to 7 pm spends more of the ad budget and stays inactive from let’s say, 1 am to 6 am. 

This will help you save your ad budget. This is a great way to be really efficient with your money. Especially if you have a smaller budget. This advertising strategy will help you schedule your ads. Make them run on certain days of the week and at a particular time of day when you make the most conversion. This can help you make a very predictable income for your business.

 Messenger Ads

Messenger has more active users that are 5 – 10 times more than Facebook’s monthly users, news feeds and even emails. People see these ads on chats tab on the messenger app.

Seeing ads pop up on our messenger, is new. Even though most people find these ads annoying, they are still working very well. They can be very personal and feel alot less like an ad. 

Clean up your ad account structure. 

A common mistake is lack of organisation. All sorts of crazy ad set everywhere. For example, the names of campaigns and ads don’t make sense and nothing can be foundin at a quick glance. Just like a messy office desk wastes your time and brainpower a messy facebook ads backend will also waste your time energy and money. 

It also makes it a lot easier for you to test a lot of different ads, ad sets and variables. And quickly identify each different ad by just its name. So organizing your business manager is a good habit to get into especially as your business and ad account grows. Create a basic naming template. There isn’t a right or wrong way of naming conventions. Just ensure it is saving your time, allows easy reporting and allows anyone to be able to monitor campaigns with just a glance at the ad account. 

Host Giveaways To Build Ad Data.

Creating and hosting a giveaway will significantly increase engagement. It increases the chances for other people to see your brand for the first time. Get as creative as you can with the giveaway. This strategy allows you to be able to put your products out there in return for data that you can use in your ad campaigns. A small fee to pay for potentially a lot of data that comes your way.

Master Copywriting

As I said above, a great copy is a powerful tool in advertising. Mastering copywriting will skyrocket your campaign. Copywriting is not just putting together some nice sentences to sell your services or products. It taps into the customer’s emotions and builds curiosity and desire. It’s a big part of the winning ad puzzle. Hence, copywriting should be part of your content marketing strategy. 

Know who you are targeting. Speak directly to that audience. Split test ad campaign to find out what your audience is responding to. Ad copy should be complimentary of the photo or video that you’re promoting. They shouldn’t be separate from one another.  Be upfront about the value of your product/service. People also want to know of any discounts and offers. 

Say Focused With One Call-To-Action

Before placing a CTA, know its purpose and who you are targeting. Have a clear goal. Are you trying to increase brand awareness, get leads or sell a product?  Without it, users will see your ads but will have no idea what to do. 

You should use authoritative words on your CTA. For example, Join Us, Shop, Sign Up etc. Show your audience that they are getting value without committing to anything. Your CTA copy should use persuasive language. A copy that creates FOMO. Also, make the CTA button stand out.

Ad Psychology

Learn what makes people buy on a much deeper level. If we understand how consumers work and why we choose to buy certain things over another, we can translate this into our own ads and businesses. 

Start earning ad psychology. Read around this from books that talk about it. 

Bottom Line

Facebook is still big. With over 2.93 billion monthly users, it provides a good platform for marketers. It is a big player in online advertising. It even offers different ways to engage and entice customers. The market is however pretty overcrowded. Organic reach is declining and is even lower for big brands. The above article has shown that Facebook ads are working and they will be effective for your marketing campaigns. You need to be creative. Facebook ads offers an opportunity to get creative with videos and images.  

How to Write an Effective Facebook Ads

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