How To Reclaim Admin Rights To a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a public Facebook account used by businesses and brands. They use it to update and post essential things concerning the business. Businesses and brands can share contact information and content, and market their business. 

A page enables you to reach potential customers and also target specific people. You can get an email list out of your fanbase. A Facebook page helps you lower your marketing costs and increase visits to your website. Your business can gain so much with a Facebook account.  Facebook is incredibly useful for building a relationship with your followers and growing your audience and business in general. Also, here is a chance to learn how to promote your business on Facebook.

When you create a page you automatically become the admin. You can give powers to other people in your team. An editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst. You as the admin can assign different roles to these people. Also, multiple people can have multiple roles. 

What if You Lose Access To Your Facebook Page

You can lose your admin access if someone removes you. This is possible if you as the admin gave the power similar to yours to someone else. This person can use their power to remove you. 

The other way is when you remove yourself. Either intentionally or unintentionally. You can remove yourself by accident especially when you click the wrong button on the settings page. I lost admin access to my Facebook page once. As I was setting up Facebook Pixels, I deleted something as it was taking too long to connect to my website. In the process, deleted a few things to try and start the process over, and then boom! My page was gone. I couldn’t access the page anymore.

How To Reclaim Your Rights as The Admin To Your Facebook Page

There are several things you can try depending on how you lost your admin powers. This can be very frustrating. Especially if you don’t even know how it happened. Whether you were removed by someone, maliciously, were hacked or never had control from the beginning. 

When I lost control of my Facebook page, I went hunting for solutions. I went to Google to find ways of reclaiming my admin rights. Here are some things that I found that you can try.

  1. Your Account Was Hacked

If you suspect hacking, the best thing is to report the hacked account to Facebook.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1280439701975125

Select the page you want to reclaim. Confirm that an unknown user who shouldn’t be associated with your page removed your admin access. Click send.

  1. You Were Removed

You can be removed by your current or former employee. It could be due to indifference. Your first course of action should be to politely as them to let you back in. If this fails, the only other way that can guarantee you access back is to report copyright infringement. This brings us to the second way to restore lost admin access to a Facebook page. You need to have all the required documents supporting your request. Your business licence, business tax file, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation etc. You will be asked for them. 

Go to https://www.facebook.com/help 

Click on policies and reporting in the left panel.

Click on intellectual properties also in the left panel.

Select copyright. That should be below intellectual properties.

Click the form. Find the link in the first paragraph at the top of the right panel.

If the content is yours. Select “I am the rightful owner”. If you are doing it on behalf of someone else, choose, “I am reporting on behalf of my organization or client” or “I am reporting on behalf of someone else”.

Then continue with your copyright report.

Enter your name and contact information.

On the type of content you are reporting, select “other”.

Provide at least one URL that proves you own the content. For example, your website’s URL. Also, enter the direct URL of the Facebook page. Post it in the box labelled, “Please provide links leading directly to the page you are reporting”.

Next, you need to describe why you are reporting this content. Choose,  “This content copies my work”. 

In the next field, describe the situation. Here you can now provide what happened. Report that you are the legitimate admin, but the current admin has removed you. 

Sign the form and click “Submit”.

The Facebook copyright office will get back to you. Make sure you have all the documents that show you are the rightful owner of the page. The process can take about 24 hours. 

  1. Claiming an Unmanaged Page

If you create a business page on Facebook, a Facebook page may exist even if you or your team didn’t create it. You can claim this page and become the admin. 

Go to the Facebook page you want to claim.

Click “Is this your business?”

Select a claim option and click “Continue”.

Merge the page. This is optional.  If you already manage another page, you can merge the two without providing much verification. As long as the two pages have the same contact information. Also, the page that you want to merge with must be verified. 

How I gained Access to My Page

After going round and round looking for solutions for a few days I gained back my admin access. I even reported using the first option above since I didn’t know what had happened yet. My page was not appearing on my Facebook account. So, I decided to check my Meta Business Suite. The page was not there. I reported, but it was taking long. 

In my efforts to try to find out what happened, I went to the settings on the Meta Business Suit. Selected more business settings on the left panel. Click Accounts on the left panel. Then click pages. On the third panel to the right, you will see the name of your page. If you are lucky, that it wasn’t deleted here as well. 

Click where it says Add People. Then, below where it says, ‘these people have access to your page” add your name. Proceed to give yourself all the powers. That’s how I was lucky to regain access to my page which was just floating on Facebook. Unmanaged, yet there was no way I could get in. This is what worked for me.  

How To Prevent Loss of Admin Rights

Create and distribute a non-compete contract.

When assigning duties and responsibilities you can ensure your employees sign a non-compete agreement. This agreement will give you as the employer control over specific actions of your employee. Even after the contract or the relationship ends. 

Restrict employees’ page privileges

There are specific roles you can give to your employees. Make sure you don’t give them any title greater than an editor. Your title should be the highest. Be the only one that can be able to do everything including managing page roles and settings.

Monitor your page’s content frequently.

If your page repeatedly infringes copyrights and trademarks your page may be removed. Make sure you keep tabs on what your employees are doing on your page. 

Create a favourable working environment for your employees. 

Make sure you communicate with your employees. If there is a good working environment, your employees will be happy. Make sure they are paid well. Respond to their questions and comments. Happy employees are less likely to be against you and your business.

Bottom Line 

Be careful. Getting back a lost page is not easy at all. It can take a long time before you are able to get back in with the full admin rights. In fact, you may never be able to gain access back to your page. If you are removed, you could start by talking to the person that kicked you out first. Be polite and you may reach an agreement. 

If you were hacked, without providing enough proof you may not get your admin access back. Keep your account safe with two-factor verification. Reporting your lost page may take very long before you are assisted. Try everything else even after reporting. One process may work. Remember, what worked for me may not work for you. 

How To Reclaim Admin Rights To a Facebook Page

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